English Readers

CLUB DE ÓPERA, is an online magazine about all things opera and academic vocal music in all its existing forms, and therefore a meeting point for all those who love these genres.

Although, of course, all of the published material will be in Spanish, we want to assure you that we will do our best so that we can provide you with great selections from our magazine in English, as well!

We count with a space for our collaborators to populate with the best content possible, enabling serious and intelligent discussions about the very many aspects of the art form – creation contexts, sources, ideas that sustain its various representations – , so that we can therefore even question it and get to experience it afresh. Our writers pursue their quest in diversified formats, whether they write essays, journalistic articles, memoirs or even have a more poetic approach.

We wish to continue to present you, our readers, with articles with differing theoretic frameworks, in order to ensure an interdisciplinary approach that allows the works in question to be thought in relation with other art forms and disciplines.


Well, it was a sense of community that we wanted to create, very much in line with Readers’ Clubs around the globe, so that we can not only share information about these most amazing pieces of art, but actually get to share THEM.

Above all, your greatest contribution will be checking our website periodically to read our latest news, peruse our issues, support the artists featured in our articles by listening to their great work, and letting us know how you like the material by following us on social media and sharing the writings of your liking – in a nutshell, by joining our club. Thanks for accompanying us!

Please make sure to check HERE all of our articles published in English.